Phil Robinson


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Phil Robinson, LMC
 is an expatriated "Brit" of over 20 years. As a Professionally qualified English soccer player and coach he decided to "Follow the Sun" to America in the mid 80's.
He was coaching at the academy of an English League team, and was offered a position as Head Coach at a California College. He says that it took him about two minutes to decide to leave the UK and head for California.

In 1992 Phil met golf club "Design-Guru" Jesse Ortiz. They hit it off straight away and Phil was soon working in the Golf Industry.
Before long Jesse had designed an amazing line of clubs that were quickly in great demand by the amateur golfer. It was decided that the clubs should be introduced to the Tour Pros.
As the "Single-Guy" it was decided that Phil should head off to Florida for six weeks to go to the PGA, LPGA and Senior tour events to promote the Orlimar Trimetal golf clubs.
Eleven years and 1.5 million air miles later Phil was still travelling the country to work with the best players in the World.

In 2004 Phil moved to Florida to make his travelling schedule a little easier. He soon fell in love with NE Florida's First Coast.
With his new-found spare time he started to play more golf, usually with his "Tour-Pro buddies" at TPC Sawgrass. It became apparent that a large number of golf's Tour Pros lived in and around NE Florida, and were looking for someone who understood how to deal with high profile personalities. Someone that they knew and could trust.
Here was an opportunity to continue working with the people he had come to know, and as he says "Sleep in my own bed for a change"!
After living in California for sixteen years, Phil knew that the "First Coast" offered great value in housing, and was a fantastic place to live and grow.

Phil attained his Florida Real Estate license and joined Keller-Williams, a progressive real estate broker, in it's Jacksonville Beach office.
Keller-Williams is one of the leading real estate brokers in the nation, that has started to attract many of the finest realtors in the country.

Phil says he is fortunate to have met many famous people in his years "On-Tour", including; Pele, George Best, Sir Bobby Charlton, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Jim Furyk, Luke Donald, Vijay Singh, Clint Eastwood, Troy Aikman, Dale Jarrett, Jimmy Johnson, George Lopez , Samuel L. Jackson and Vince Gill.

When asked who was the most "Special" person he had met, Phil simply said....."The next one"!

Phil hopes that you are the next person that he meets, and that he can help you with your real estate needs.